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This premier quarterly journal covers the latest research in the fields of medicine, psychology, and the integration of spirituality today.

Human Development Magazine is a publication for people involved in the work of fostering the growth of others. This includes persons involved in religious leadership and formation, spiritual direction, pastoral care and education interested in the development of the whole person.

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From Our Readers

“I received a copy of “Human Development Magazine” in the mail and was very impressed with the total concept of the magazine, the contents, and the very impressive artistic layout. Jerry, Len, you, and all on the editorial team are to be congratulated and thanked for your wonderful work. I see a very bright and inspiring future for the work of Guest House, the Guest House Institute, and the  Human Development Magazine.”

God bless,

-Fr Charlie Kohlerman, CSC

“Just read a few articles in the HDM and they were excellent. HDM is a quality publication and I can’t wait for the next issue! Thanks for all you are doing for Guest House. Onward and upward.”

-Bob Koval

“The first issue of Human Development arrived in the mail today.  Congratulations on a spectacular re-launch! Layout and graphics are first-class”

-John Steingraeber, CSSR Associate Director, CMSM

“Congratulations on the re-launching of Human Development.  The first issue promises great future issues! Thank you for driving this project and thus offering us a marvelous resource.”

Fraternally, John

“I received my copy of the Human Development Magazine today.  If is very well done and a good face for GH.  Congrats. Great job.”

-Dick Durkin

“I was delighted to receive the first issue of the “new” Human Development Magazine. Congratulations and thanks to all who worked so hard to relaunch this great publication. I was especially pleased to see Mary Johnson’s work included in this issue.  Mary and I are grammar school classmates.  Even as an eighth grader at Sacred Heart Grammar School in Springfield, MA, Mary’s insight and compassion were evident!”

All the best,