Guest Author Submission

The editors of Human Development welcome articles that resonate with our mission of bringing together spirituality and theology, applying contemporary thinking in psychology, health, medicine, and spirituality to ministry, formation and daily life. Published by Guest House in Lake Orion, Michigan, our quarterly journal has a special concern for healing addictions of all kinds and hopefully addressing them prior to a crisis. We seek to make theoretical knowledge, research and concepts understandable and applicable to the personal and professional lives of our readers.

Our thematic issues offer topics of interest to people engaged in all aspects of ministry (leadership at all levels of Church, formation, spiritual direction and counselling). Married couples, singles as well as those living according to consecrated chastity would all equally find meaningful insights, consolation, encouragement and challenge through the articles and reflection/discussion questions that follow.

Manuscripts are received with the understanding that they have not been previously published and are not currently under consideration elsewhere. Feature articles should be limited to 4,000 words (15 double-spaced pages). We also are more than happy to publish shorter pieces (meditations, reflections etc.). Articles should be conversational in tone with references but not foot notes. All accepted material is subject to editing. When quoting Sacred Scripture, the New Revised Standard Version is preferred.

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Letters are welcome and will be published as space permits and at the discretion of the editors. Such communications should not exceed 600 words and are subject to editing.

Authors are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of proper names in both text and bibliography/suggested readings. Acknowledgments must be given when substantial material is quoted from other publications. Provide author name(s), title of article, title of journal or book, volume number, page(s), month and year, and publisher’s permission to use material.

Manuscripts should be submitted to Msgr. John Zenz, the executive editor, at, as an email attachment.