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Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year!

We are delighted to offer you this next edition of Human Development! This is a special year in the Church’s history as we celebrate the “Year of Consecrated Life” as declared by Pope Francis. We too thank God for all religious in the Church, for their incredible past and for filling us with a sense of hope for the future.

This time of year always offers us a chance to reflect upon God’s coming into our world and the humbling nature of grace and love made real. The daily, and sometimes mundane, routines become tinged with opportunity to see and touch transcendence and the extraordinary. The Word becomes enfleshed yet again in our hearts and lives. As then and now, the world seems at times dark, filled with hatred, senseless violence of the innocent, and yet the angels’ proclamation still echoes across the centuries. Peace to all of good will!

We offer this next edition mindful of the truly amazing reaction to the first “Phoenix” edition. We cannot thank you enough for the many positive reactions to our first effort. You can see some of them in the “Letter to the Editors.” We mailed out over 16,000 copies of this edition worldwide and are reprinting another 5,000 more because of the interest and the overwhelming reaction. We need you to continue to spread the good word and to write us with your feedback. Please feel free to write us at Your letters are encouraging so please keep them coming!

This edition will feature various aspects of a theme that we will revisit often in this and many other future editions of Human Development. Medicine and psychology refer to this edition’s theme as “flourishing.” This edition features the first in a two-part interview with Bishop Thomas Dowd, Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal, Canada. Though he talks about the essential relationship of the Bishop to his priests in a presbyterate, we strongly believe it is a wonderful model of healthy and holy leadership – or the ability of a leader to create and nurture a “flourishing” environment. This is applicable to every religious leader – clergy, religious or lay – in the Church today. Carole Wroblewski’s wonderful treatment of “Transitions” will highlight the personal and communal need to manage this area of our lives well in order to live a more full and healthy life. Sam Mikhail’s excellent summary of the research on resilience – the capacity and ability to respond well to difficulty – will highlight one key aspect of flourishing – the ability to manage adversity or distress.

This edition ends with an inspiring reflection written by Sister Regina Coll, CSJ, Emeritus Director of Field Education in the Department of Theology at Notre Dame University. We hope that you too might meditate upon the wisdom found here and allow all of us to see again the glory of God’s creation. Enjoy!

Peace and prayers,

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Fr. Gerard J. McGlone, SJ, PhD

Executive Editor

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Len Sperry, MD, PhD, D.Min.

Executive Co-Editor

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Linda Amadeo, R.N., M.S.

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Most Rev. Gregory M. Aymond, M.Div.

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McGlone-WebGerard J. McGlone, S.J., Ph.D.

Executive Editor

Father McGlone, S.J., Ph.D. is a Jesuit priest of the Maryland Province of Jesuits ordained in 1987. He is also Executive Director of the Guest House Institute. He has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and an extensive background as a clinical psychotherapist for over 26 years. He has written numerous peer reviewed articles, chapters and sexual abuse prevention manuals in the field of psychology and recently won a Catholic Press Award for his book, The Inner Life of Priests.

Sperry-WebLen Sperry, M.D., Ph.D., D. Min.

Executive Co-Editor

Len Sperry, M.D., Ph.D., D. Min. is a professor at Florida Atlantic University and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Board certified in Psychiatry, Preventive Medicine, and Clinical Psychology, he is a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, American College of Preventive Medicine, and American Psychological Association. He is co-editor of the APA journal Spirituality in Clinical Practice and has published 80 books including The Inner Life of Priests; Sex, Priestly Ministry and the Church; and Spirituality in Clinical Practice.


Ortiz-WebFernando A. Ortiz, Ph.D., ABPP

Associate Editor

Dr. Fernando A. Ortiz, Ph.D. ABPP is a licensed and board certified psychologist. He is currently the Director of the Counseling Center at Gonzaga University. He obtained a doctoral degree in counseling psychology and provides consultation and expertise to dioceses and religious communities on intercultural competencies, self-care, healthy sexuality, and resilience. He is a member of the USCCB National Review Board.


MacPhee-WebKim MacPhee, M.Ed.

Graphics and Layout Editor

Kim is the owner of Studio K Design ( She taught graphic design, web design and studio art for 10 years. She has been a branding strategist, graphic artist and web designer for over 20 years, developing product and marketing for brands such as Target, Nickelodeon and Scholastic. She manages the Human Development Magazine print and digital design along with the design of

GillJames J. Gill, S.J., M.D.

Founding Editor

James J. Gill, S.J., M.D. was a Jesuit priest, physician and psychiatrist. He founded this journal in 1980 to assist anyone in Church leadership. Fr. Gill entered into eternal life in 2003.


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Marc Dyker
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